Nitant Shrivastava Commercial Ad Actor & Bollywood Character Artist

Nitant Shrivastava

Indian Film Cast Profile


Movies has been a Passion and a Dream. A platform to showcase the talent and skills developed with the vast experience. No Role is small as long is it is shown on cinema screen. A passion to be seen on the big screen has always been a dream since childhood. There has been various encounters with Indian Film Industry, being a cast for various Projects and a scope to see the great fraternities of the industry has been a treat.

Indian Cinema has been a great tool for various people and a source of income too. Being in the City of Dreams, have seen people come to the city with a hope to be there and to be seen on the screen. How many do reach to the ladder is significant and more significant is the journey sustained.


Movie Name

Production House


Casted By

Worked With

Mumbai Cutting (Hero) Kundan Shah Kundan Shah
PK Rajkumar HiraniVidhu Vinod Chopra Rajkumar Hirani Mukesh Chhabra Casting Amir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Saurabh Shukla
Being a Cast  in Undisclosed Upcoming Films in 2016

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