Nitant Shrivastava Commercial Ad Actor & Bollywood Character Artist

This is Me…

Name: Nitant Shrivastava
Lives In: Mumbai
Date of Birth: 21st December 1978
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Height: 5′ 7″

I am Nitant Shrivastava, a Character Artist for various Commercial Ads, Television Serials and Indian Cinema. Its being a long journey when I actually started living the industry. As a child I had some endeavors with known fraternities who were the back bone of the industry. I was casted in some of the Television Serials at a time when Television industry was turning from Myth to Reality. At a time when the concept of career was just a word in Dictionary, never understood.

As I started growing with my Family Background of my Father being a Set designer for top fraternities like Dhiraj Kumar, Bhimshen Joshi, Raghunath Jhalani etc.. I saw the Industry being built in front of me. I saw the reality that is hidden in front of the Television Sets. I saw the Grey scale Television sets change to Color, that people endured and were enthralled to see.

By the Time I was over my Infancy the television and Film Industry had grown tremendously, Commercial Ads being a recognized sector in the industry. I started living the industry everyday, a dream to be a known fraction in the Industry. Every Audition I went I learnt something and a flare to grown went on.

I worked in various Television Serials, Commercial Ads etc in my journey and endeavoured various ppl known as Stars, Artists and so on. An explicit experience with these industry Icons for various project boosted my moral and flare to grow further. I have worked hard and as people call struggled, but I am moving ahead to prove, I am here to stay.

Jab tak jeevan hai, tab tak sanghursh hai ‘ Amitabh Bachchan

All said and done, I am here to prevail and grown in the industry leaving a mark of my existence…


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