A Beginning of Me.. Its being a while when I landed in the city of dreams ‘Mumbai’. Its hard to remember when exactly, however its being quite a journey for me and my family. A journey with lots of ups and downs, a journey filled will big dreams, a journey that has being a baseline for my career in Indian Television, Film & Commercials Industry. A dream of one man to join the forces with the Indian Film Industry.

As I remember it was in 1980s when My Father came to Mumbai. Being an Interior designer in Allahabad and also the place where I was born. He came to Mumbai with a name ‘Engineer Sahab’ ( Interior Designer so called at that time) with reference of a close associate to our family. A dream to be a Name, be Known and be Recognized in the Indian Film Industry. He was a Creative Man, A Man who can make a pebble look like a gold with his creativity.

My Father started with small sets for Film Industry and his work was appreciated extensively. He Met Mr Bharat Bhushan, a Legend of the Film Industry, who appreciated the work he was doing. One day Mr Bharat Bhushan asked my Father ” Do You want to become an ‘Art Director’ in his projects?’ His answer was ‘Yes’ and they started with various projects. His Creativity was highly recognized by the Fraternities of the Indian FIlm Industry like Mr Raghunath Jalani, Mr Bhimsen Joshi, Mr Dheeraj Kumar, Ms Priya Tendulkar and so on..

At the age of 4 years, I came to Mumbai with my Mother & Sister , and joined a school in Sion. My father use to pick me up and take me to the sets he use to create. I was exposed extensively to various FIlm Shooting sites and the Creativity in the Industry. My Father started teaching me nitty-gritty of a FIlm Shoots: How Sets are Made, How Cameras Work, The Camera Angles, The Lenses Used, Director / Actor crucial Difference and the Major Difference while Performing in Front and Behind the Camera..

The Sessions went on and every time it was a something different taught. Sometimes I was seeing the creativity put in to create a set and sometime the performance of the Great Actors and Director with my Jaw Open. I still remember the first time I looked into the camera, it was a dream world in front of me. The aptitude that the team had was amazing, the creation from the equipment they used was amazing.

As a child, I even got a chance to cast in some episodes of ” Yeah Hai Choti Badi Batein in 1986 Directed by Mr Bhimsen Joshi, also got opportunity to work with Mr Ashok Saraf, Sulabha Deshpande and so on. The roots of being an Actor, a Performer were growing with the time. I had an opportunity to work for couple of more episodes as a child artist and desire for becoming a part of the industry grew everytime…

One day My Father took me to some set created by me and asked me ” What do you want to be ?”, My answer was instantaneously “An Actor” & “A Performer”. Not knowing the hard work and struggle a performer goes through everyday. He told me “Its not easy to Perform in front of a Crowd or a Camera. A journey with lots of hurdles till you are recognized and after that too. A Performer Performs irrespective of situation.”  He was clear ” The steps I take will not be appreciated and still you will have to go on, No One can make me a good Actor, Unless I work towards it and there is no aid.”

It was just a dream to be seen on a Big Screen that kept me going, not realizing the pain a performer has to go through everyday of his life.A journey that was about to start with a dream …

To be Continued…

Nitant Shrivastava

Nitant Shrivastava

Character Artist

Versatile Actor and Model for Various Character Roll Play in Commercial Ads and Cinema. More then 10 year experience in the field, is know as One Take Artist. Vast knowledge in the field, complements to any kind of projects whether it is Commercial AD, Cinema etc. Indepth Know how of film shoots, camera angles, takes etc gives an edge for various Project Requirement ..

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